The Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta & Atlanta Jewish Teen Initiative were starting fresh. They were in need of a new name, brand identity, and website to promote their programs for teens and professionals in Atlanta’s Jewish community.

Research & Naming

After meeting with program participants and digging through significant category research, we landed on the name JumpSpark (n. An electric spark which jumps a gap in a previously open circuit.) The metaphor of connection and ignition made for a memorable name that ideally suited the brand and inspired the rest of the project.


Our team led workshops with parents and teens to help shape an identity with energy and professional confidence that appealed to both the learning opportunities and engaging activities in which students can participate.


The website needed to engage with both parent and teen audiences as well as Atlanta’s professional Jewish network. The result is a sleek, responsive website which helps JumpSpark stand out from the competition locally and nationally.



We wanted to capture the true spirit of JumpSpark. Our photographer spent time getting to know the students and caught sincere moments true to the organization’s ethos.

Social Media

We created social content focused on recognizing Jewish leadership, promoting community events, and celebrating teenagers in Atlanta. Our social strategy led to the brand’s Instagram account becoming the most followed Jewish Teen Initiative account in the nation.

Social Media

Project Members

David Feldman
Jonathan Splitlog
Brandon Malcolm