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Accesibility Statement

3 Owl is committed to the accessibility of our websites and electronic communications.

Below are some of the steps we are taking to ensure the accessibility of our materials.

  • All images will contain appropriate alternative text
  • Form elements will be properly labeled
  • Data tables will contain headers where appropriate
  • Headings will be properly labeled with descriptive titles throughout the site
  • Multimedia (video or audio clips) will be closed captioned and/or described
  • All areas of the website will be operable by keyboard strokes
  • Foreground/background color schemes will provide adequate contrast
  • A method will be provided to bypass repetitive navigational links
  • Text will be resizable in all browsers
  • Multimedia controls will be implemented to pause image carousels
  • Elements stack on mobile devices to ensure consistent readability across devices
  • There will be a Logical hierarchy of headings to denote main and subsequent content