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Center Stage

A reimagined design system for a well-known Atlanta music venue.


The Assignment

Center Stage is an entertainment space containing three venues: Center Stage, The Loft, and Vinyl. Our assignment was to create a visual system that represented the venue holistically.

The Solution

We visited the venues from sound check to packed house and discovered each one takes on the shape of the shows within. The brand needed to tie back to this malleable canvas and balance the needs from artist to audience.


Modular Brand Identity

Our team created a logo and brand identity that can be easily adapted to each of the three stages within the venue while remaining consistent and distinctive as an overall brand. The elements are used not just as logos for each venue, but as a template for shows and events.


Scalable Branding

The simple yet striking design lends itself well to applications from web to physical branding throughout the venues and has been seamlessly adapted to all touchpoints associated with the venue. We still get excited to see the signage as we’re heading up West Peachtree Street.